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Windturbine gearbox services
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Wind turbine Gearbox inspection

SGSEnd of warranty inspections
We are your independent partner for high quality End of Warranty inspections, including detailed reports, recommendations and analysis. Frequently, damage to vital components of a wind turbine such as gears may occur already during its first years of operation. Therefore, an inspection before end of warranty is of great importance. With our complete, portable workstation -Everest XLG3 videoscope- we are able to carry out fast and accurate onsite windturbine inspections and the neccessary repairs. To pinpoint equipment failure we perform oil analysis, vibration measurements and thorough visual inspections.

gearbox inspections

SGSVibration measurements, visual inspections
Stork Gears & Services uses two systems to conduct vibration measurements: the CSI portable spectrum analyser and the Bently Nevada multichannel real-time analyser. Both systems are used to determine the dynamic behaviour of turbo machinery by measuring housing vibration and axle displacement. As comparatively little time is needed to set up the hardware, we are able to measure vibration levels onsite (the spectrum analyser can detect all kinds of errors and/or defects). Should a problem be encountered, its cause will be determined and discussed with the client. Stork Gears & Services may, at that stage, be asked to resolve it. Should a more detailed analysis be required, it can be conducted at short notice. The outcome is explained in a report.
gearbox diagnostics
SGSVideoscope Inspection of Wind Turbines
The Everest XLG3 VideoProbe is a complete, portable videoscope for onsite windturbine inspections. It is used to inspect the interior areas that are difficult to access such as the gear box and interior of the turbine blades and allows engineers to check for overall condition of the component. A high-output illumination probe sheds light into the darkest and smallest corners of the gearbox system, delivering sharp and clear images. Our highly skilled diagnostic engineers will analyse these images to a high degree of accuracy and will be able to identify actual and possible defects. Cracks, corrosion and pitting defects can be revealed in record time.

Videoscope Inspection of Wind Turbines